Sunday, October 23, 2005

Le Pigeonnier de Senaux - Roujan

The hub-bub that greets a hat-trick ball in first class cricket is nothing compared to that which would have greeted Stephen’s four-in-four if the crowd had been bigger. … paying attention, or less interested in the fruits of the locals’ labours – but we mustn’t let that bother us; after last week’s game-turning 78 (three-quarters of our total) to then pull this performance out of the bag, when the game was in the balance, was something remarkable. It’s just a shame he didn’t manage to pull something else out of his bag as well … trousers, for example.

Still, uncu (‘scuse me) unencumbered by the cycling shorts, he walked among us once more, through us and over us and has definitely left his mark on this late part of the season.
He was not alone: Michael with the bat; Nick with the ball, Dominic again and David; everyone did their bit including Ken, he of the sticky hands standing at silly mid-on, who’s catch did for your correspondent while he was still feeling his way back into form (4) after last week’s Golden Duck.
(As soon as we have the information to hand, averages will be posted for your amusement.)

The crowd grew by the cluster – small groups of the interested and curious watched from the road. But Colin’s side, batting second, were never in danger of letting their advantage slip and offering a tight finish to grip the uninitiated. Small hope when Poppy bowled Dominic with one that clipped the top of middle stump but real hope was as elusive Stephen’s strides.

In next week’s episode: Stephen comes crashing down to earth; your correspondent does a little bit better; Joel’s ankle continues to improve and Rupert bothers to show up.

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