Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Midi Cricket Club - Welcome

Ground and office
Le pigonnier de senaux
34320 ROUJAN
04 67 24 75 38

The club was started in September 2005 by a group of enthusiasts in the South of France. We have 71 members already, a pitch of our own and a wide but as yet incomplete range of equipment.

Our mission is:
* to create enthusiasm for the game in this part of France in all ages and nationalities
* play good quality cricket in the South of France with local and visiting teams
* to encourage the young in the area to play cricket with the aim of having a colts team
* to create a congenial atmosphere for spectators

Where we are:
Our base is within 40 minutes of Montpellier, the regional capital of Herault and situated 7 kms outside the town of Pezenas.
We have the great benefit of being within half an hour of the Mediterranean sea at Agde and the oyster beds of the basins behind Sete.
20 minutes from the National Haut Languedoc park with its garrique vegetation and large numbers of wild boar enjoying the isolation and peace of a vast tract of virtually uninhabited land reaching the Black Mountains.
Our pitch is set in the middle of vines on a newly seeded field fringed on one side by oaks and ash trees.

Our plans are to:
* Build on keen and growing membership which we have now.
* Develop a stoolball section to bring young french children to the game – and to have a good time!
* Extend our spectator numbers to enjoy the game and introduce the desultory clapping to the vineyards of the Midi!
* Build a pavilion with scoreboard for the comfort of players and visitors

2006 season
We hope to field a “useful” team to play visiting teams from France and the rest of Europe including the UK.

TO contact the Club please email or phone:

President - Robin Hicks - 04 67 24 75 38 - hicks-france@wanadoo.fr
Secretary - Pam Paszkowska - 04 67 38 20 51 - mel@btinternet.com
Captain - Peter Sandison - 04 67 28 52 03 - peternatalie2@aol.com
Membership - Mel Paszkowski - 04 67 38 20 51 - mel@btinternet.com
Stoolball - Liz Betts-Gosling - 04 67 24 64 37 - stoolball@roujan.com


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